Jumpers’ heritage

3rd Christchurch (Jumpers) Registration Number 3416

A Cub Pack named Jumpers and Iford was registered with Headquarters in 1919. The Cubmaster was Bertha Paull of “Midwood” Oak Avenue, Christchurch, the same address as that given for the Pack’s meeting place and there were 12 Cubs. The Pack’s warrant was dated 6th February 1919. Bertha Paull’s remarks on the registration form said “Jumpers district is right in the country – all the Cubs live near our headquarters. We are 40 minutes walk from Christchurch, 30 minutes walk from any town”. Then in September 1923 a Troop named Jumpers and Iford was registered, its headquarters the same as the Cub Packs. The Scoutmaster was Francis Lloyd Brett of 10 Warwick Road, Boscombe and there were 9 Scouts.

In line with Headquarters policy, the Pack and Troop were re-registered in 1928 as Jumpers and Iford Group Number 3416. Group Scoutmaster and Scoutmaster was Francis Lloyd Brett, Cubmaster Miss D French of Jumpers House, there were 24 Scouts, 18 Wolf Cubs and 8 Rover Scouts. In 1935 the acting Group Scoutmaster H.R. Pope, officially changed the group’s name to 3rd Christchurch (Jumpers) but they retained the number 3416.

The Assistant District Commissioner, Dr. Emlyn, officially opened their new headquarters, at the rear of 43 Fitzmaurice Road, in 1937.

At the start of the Second World War, the Scoutmaster, Bert Tilley, joined the Royal Navy and “Skipper” Squelch took over as the temporary Scoutmaster until the war was over. Sadly Bert Tilley paid the extreme price of war.

Jack Osborne became Scoutmaster in 1946 and the group moved to a new headquarters on its present site thanks to the generosity of a local gentleman. At that time the headquarters consisted of a 30ft long Nissen Hut to the front of which a lobby, kitchen and toilets had been added. The Troop now embarked on a very successful run for a few years, camping was almost an all-the-year round activity and many trophies were won, but the highlight was the highly successful plays and pantomimes, presented under the title of “Good Turns” written and produced by a staunch friend of the group, Mr W.T.S. Grimsey.

In 1953 Mickey Hedges took over as Scoutmaster until his work took him away from Christchurch in 1956 when Don Horne became the Scoutmaster.

In the summer of 1960 work was started on a brick building around the old Nissen Hut. In spite of numerous problems it was eventually completed and on June 23rd 1961 the new hall was formally opened by Mrs. Stanley Kermode.

Early in 1964 Don Horne resigned as Scoutmaster because his work was taking him away from home for long periods. The P.L.’s and Group Scoutmaster Pearce did their best to keep the Troop going for a few months until Stephen Head transferred from the St. George’s Troop to become Scoutmaster of Jumpers from 1964 until 1966.

St. George’s and Jumpers Groups combined for many fund raising events and camps and finally, on January 1st 1967 the 2 groups amalgamated and took the 3rd Christchurch title and the St. George’s orange scarves. Ken Old became Group Scout Leader, John Reed Scout Leader and Jack Perry Cub Leader. There were 44 Scouts, 36 Cubs and 7 Venture Scouts. Further extensions to the Headquarters took place with the addition of two rooms to the back of the building and a little later a storeroom was added to the back again.

Since the amalgamation in 1967 both Cub and Scout sections have remained strong and the Group has enjoyed a very successful time. There has been a natural succession of leaders, Bud Hine, Sheila Davies and Janine Root with the Cub Pack; Danny Short, Brian Davies and Mark Barber with the Scout Troop and Bas Ray, Derek Blake and Richard Stevenson as Group Scout Leaders. All of these people, with the exception of Bas Ray who died in 1979, are still connected with the Group in some way or other.

A Beaver Colony was opened in November 1985 with Barbara and Peter Andrews as it’s leaders with Sarah Hughes following them in 1998 and the Group was complete when a Venture Scout Unit was started in 1998 with Mark Flexman as Venture Scout Leader.