All our volunteers are amazing and leave a huge legacy, a heritage, through their actions. Many young people benefit from this, as did many of the volunteers who were themselves in scouting or guiding.

The Scout Association has a series of awards that recognise over-and-above service. Below is our list of all those who have received the higher awards. All exceptional, all supported by a great team, all had much fun.

 Award for MeritBar to Award for MeritSilver AcornBar to Silver AcornSilver Wolf
Alan Jones2006
Alice Loveless1923
Amy Kefford2017
Angela Budd2004
Anita Penny2005
Ann Hoare1993
Ann Morton2007
Anne Davies2012
Arthur S Carlos1959
Ashley Harman2013
Barbara Andrews2014
Barbara Evans2003
Brett Jones2012
Brian Davies2015
Brig. Gen. G A F Saunders1933
Brig. Gen. J Gilbert-Browne1960
C Boys1934
Christine Crow2013
Christopher C Root2014
Christopher James2009
Colin Burch2007
Crispin Farbrother2011
Danny Short2017
David Crumpler2007
David Cunliffe1998
David Stevens2007
Dennis Miller2013
Derek Blake2011
Des Whitney2012
Dorothy Haynes2003
Edna Russell2006
Edward Terry2007
Emma Randall2007
Emmeline L Hine2006
Eric Spreadbury MBE2008
George H A Evans1957
Gerald Godwin2007
Graham Budd2015
Graham Markwick2015
Harold J L Fenn2003
Ian Penny2008
Jack B Spalding1965
James Morton2008
Jenny Jackson2017
Jill Blake2003
John Downer2006
John Gainor2012
John Reed1988
Joyce Colbourne2011
Keith Latham2017
Ken Hart1988
Ken Randall2012
Kenneth Old MBE1992
Kenneth Savage2008
Kim Blunt2014
Lesley Manley2005
Lesley R Durrant1955
Leslie Yeldham2010
Linda Penneck2017
Mal Thomas2014
Malcolm Taylor2007
Mark Flexman2009
Maureen Freeman2009
Maureen Freeman2000
Maureen Head2001
Maureen Milton2010
Michael Brackstone2001
Michael Taylor1999
Mike Manley2014
Nicholas Stone2012
Nicki Randall2005
Nicola Haskell2012
Nigel Davies2012
Paul Root2005
Peter Andrews2004#
Peter O'Hanlon2001
Philip Old1999
R W J Green1965
Rev. Canon Hugh Williams2008
Richard Stevenson2011
Richard Whiteside2012
Rob Maskell2005
Roger Milton2010
Sheila Davies2015
Sheila Davies2009
Sheila Haskell2005
Stanley Ellis1982
Stephen Haskell2012
Stephen Head2009
Steven Potter2012
Stuart Macfarlane2012
Sue Jones2017
Sue Old2009
Susan Elliott2013
Susan Old2009
Thomas Jeans1983
Tony Cumes2014
Walter L Chick1993

As a young person, the highest award that can be achieved is the Queen’s Scout which is over and above the DofE Gold award. Many of these people are now volunteers in scouting.

Queen's Scouts

Julian KelseyHighcliffe1938
Ewen HentallHighcliffe1940?
John ?Highcliffe1950
Raymond ThomasHighcliffe1958
Roger DeverellHighcliffe1962
Peter LaneHighcliffe1962
Ian PadgettHighcliffe1962
Keith GainorHighcliffe1977
David WardHighcliffe1977
Steve PotterTown1978?
John FreemanTown1978?
Danny ShortJumpers1989
Simon PitcherTown1989
Peter ThrumbleTown1989
Peter KingsleyHighcliffe1991
Mark LinneyFarnham1993
Kevin JonesHighcliffe1993
Stephen FennHighcliffe1994
Karen FennHighcliffe1995
Claire ToopKingston and Malden2000
Ian EvansBransgore2000
Roger EvansBransgore2000
Matthew AlliboneTown2001
Brian BoyesBransgore2006
Andy RookeHighcliffe2013

Our district is made up of many, many people, all contributing in many ways. We cannot acknowledge them all here. Each team of people is led by the District Commissioner and these have been as follows:

District Commissioners

1911-1924Lord Manners
1926-1927Capt. G A E Clarke
1928-1935Brig. Gen. G A F Sanders
1936-1950Brig. Gen. J Gilbert Browne
1951-1959Arthur S Carlos
1960-1967George H A Evans
1968-1969Geoff Allenby
1969-1986Gerald J V Godwin
1986-1999Kenneth C Old
1999-2008Mark Flexman
2008-2011Des Whitney
2012-2012Claire Skitt
2013-2019Brett Jones
2019-Juliet Gregson