Mudeford’s heritage

10th Christchurch (Mudeford) Sea Scouts Registration Number 24761

It is reported that the Troop was formed 18 months after the experimental camp on Brownsea Island in August 1907. Known as 1st Mudeford, the Troop consisted of 4 patrols – Wolf, Stag, Peewit and Horse made up of boys from the Stanpit, Mudeford and Purewell areas. The Scoutmaster was Mr Louis Henry Hiscock, coachman to the Shrubb family, who at that time lived at Inveravon and it was in the Coach House, now known as The Paddock, that the Troop held its meetings. Mr. L.H. Hiscock, the Scoutmaster was also the Honorary Secretary to the Christchurch Association, the first person on record to hold this position.

The Christchurch Times for March 1911 mentioned the Mudeford Troop in a report and the Headquarters Gazette of November 1911 announces the award of the Medal of Merit to Scout A. Cox of Mudeford Troop. The Christchurch Times gives more details of this award, reporting that it was for saving a man from drowning. The Troop was represented at the Windsor Rally of 1911 and when Baden-Powell visited Southampton in 1912 lifesavers and Kings Scouts from the Troop were presented to him.

The Group, it seems from stories handed down, almost ceased to function during the First World War but did close during the Second World War as confirmed by the Form E sent to Headquarters from Christchurch District – Group 17596 10th Christchurch (All Saints Mudeford) Closed, lack of Scouters and dated 10th November 1938. It was again registered in September 1946, number 24761 10th Christchurch (All Saints Mudeford) by the Group Scoutmaster Rev K.P. FitzGerald with 12 Scouts and 4 Sea Scouts. Apparently the group became a Sea Scout Group in 1948. In 1975 the title of the Group was officially changed to 10th Christchurch (Mudeford) Sea Scout Group.

Since reforming in 1946 Mudeford has always been a strong group and well supported. In 1973 the group decided it needed a new headquarters, with this as its aim, a committee was set up under the chairmanship of Gerry Long, plans were drawn up in 1974 and a massive fund raising drive was launched. On December 4th 1976 the task was complete when T.S. ORESTES was opened by Capt. Ommenny, Queens Harbour Master at Portsmouth.

The Troop won the Solent Sea Scout Regatta for the first time in 1978. The Group achieved Royal Navy recognition in 1981 and the Troop won the National Swimming Championship for Admiralty Recognised Scout Groups at H.M.S. Raleigh Plymouth in 1982. The Scout Leader at the time of these successes was David Stevens who later became the Assistant District Commissioner Leader Training.

Mudeford Cubs have also gone from strength to strength under the leadership of Lawrie Chick who stepped aside in May 1998 after 27 years as Cub Leader.

A Beaver Colony was formed in June 1987 and the Group introduced girls into the Troop for the first time in January 1999.